Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Picking Peas

This year we put 6 ' fence down a couple of rows and planted peas. It was so nice to pick them at eye level.
I pulled the peas up as I went along as they are about done. I will plant some more in August. 

I had my helper dog with me. His name is Mingo. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bohemian Vibe! Facebook Challenge

Bohemian Vibe! Facebook Challenge

 Bohemian Vibe! is a facebook group that B'Sue Boutiques and Christi Friesen started up after a polymer clay workshop retreat in May of 2014. We had a big class of 30 people, from all over the country, that showed up at the retreat. Those that attended had a blast!

The group has challenges every month and sometimes you're lucky enough to win a prize. I was lucky enough to win something last month.
This prize package was a combination of items from B'Sue Boutiques and CF Originals.

 Christi Friesen posted a great pdf at the facebook group for the secret garden necklace and I'm enjoying all the different versions of what everyone comes up with. This is my entry for the necklace and I'm going to make some earrings for it too. Stay tuned for my next blog post which will show pictures of the steps I took to make this.

Every month we have a new challenge.  Be sure and come over to the Bohemian Vibe! group on Facebook and join us! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Build A Line Design Challenge

Build a Line Design Challenge
In January I will be participating in a Build A  Line Design Challenge. It is a jewelry line class hosted by B'Sue Boutiques and will be from January-March with blogs, making jewelry, etc. You make up 5 pieces for your jewelry line.  Go to B'Sue Creative Group on Facebook and learn more about it. Hope to see you there.

Here's an update from B'Sue about the challenge

1.      The Build a Line Challenge will commence with sign ups  *****JANUARY 8-12*******

THESE DATES ARE FIRM.   NO ONE IS TO SEND ME ANYTHING PREVIOUS to that, and if you send it late, you will sadly be too late to participate. 

I am accepting 60 people for this challenge, no more.   So send your application sooner than later.

IMPORTANT!    I have decided NOT to have you message me here with your application.   Please do not message me at Facebook  with your application

VERY IMPORTANT:   send all applications to bsue1441@aol.com, my personal email.

REMEMBER   Jan 8-12  send to bsue1441@aol.com


---SHORT BUT SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING for your line, your THEME,  AND USING WHAT B'SUE components    DO NOT SEND ME ANY PHOTOS..... unless I need to come back to you for more info and clarification

---Working blog, your name, blog name, URL that is correct and working

---you will hear back from me within 24 hours  about acceptance

---you may have to have an alternate idea if someone has chosen yours already

---60 entrants only, so if we fill up, you will have to observe this time  (I think 60 is ambitious....I would be happy with 25 who are serious about sticking it out and seeing what happens all the way through!)

2.   This challenge will have THREE BLOG HOPS!   All participants in the challenge must do all three hops.

The first is Friday January 23   you will tell us about yourself, your type of jewelry, what you hope to learn about yourself as an artist, and sketches and a sneak peak at what you have done so far.   Your line must have at least FIVE PIECES and must flow, all go together.   That can be whatever YOU think that is.  You don't have to show us everything, all five pieces, just give us the basics and tease us!  LOL

Keep in mind one of the judging factors and one the big things you want to learn by this, is WHAT PEOPLE BUY and WHY YOU THINK THEY WILL BUY THIS LINE.....How will it speak to them?   So keep that in mind.


The second is  Friday  Feb 20    this blog post is about progress.   You need to tell us about what you are discovering, things that are working, things that aren't, changes you are making, new ideas that are presenting themselves   WITH PHOTOS!   the more the better.   Have you test run any pieces you have made?   What have people said about them?   That sort of thing.   I'll give you more info on what we'll need from you for hop #2 after we do the first one, more guidance.

The third is the BIG REVEAL....your finished line.   Friday March 20     MANY PHOTOS, showing what you came up with, all of the pieces, and a short essay on how you hope this finished line will refine your look, make it more cohesive and identifiable, why you think it will sell and if you intend to reproduce it or not.   Tell us why it will be a springboard to getting you to the next level.

Your pieces should all be for sale and you might want to have them listed on your selling sites for the reveal date.   It could mean a fast sale for you, A LOT of people come in to observe these things.    Do not miss opportunities.

Then the judging begins.   Judges will be announced later.

Winner of the 150 gift certificate is announced APRIL 1, 2015
Winner of the 75.00 gift certificate is announced APRIL 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

VJSE Treasury....Jewelry We Love

'Jewelry we Love! VJSE Group Team Treasury' by OodlesOfBling

Each day members of our team (VJSE Group Team) offer one piece of our favorite jewelry in our shops that we would like to share with Etsy-World. Some of those pieces are presented below for your shopping pleasure!

Vintage Siman Tu Rose Earrings 1990s Clipbacks - AntiquingOnLine Art Deco Sterling Mexican Opal Brooch-VJSE Team - MyBonnyMonAbri Vintage Lucite Brooch & Earrings Set Reverse Carved Orchid Iris Flower - RepurposedTreasure Vintage Multi Colored Rhinestone Ball Earrings - VintageObjectsShoppe
Vintage Ring Frog Sterling Silver Size 8 Amphibian Reptile Animal - TheJewelryChain Native American Turquoise Cuff Bracelet - TheButterflyBoxdeitz Vintage Brooch Denmark Sterling Niels Erik From - Vintage55 Vintage AEM Mexican Sterling Silver Turquoise Copper Aztec Style Necklace - zephyrvintage
Vintage D & E Juliana rhinestone brooch - JNPVintageJewelry Teal Dangle Earrings w Large Teal Wood Sequined Pin - GiltyGirlVintage Vintage Green Floral Brooch Frosted Glass Vintage Jewelry - VintageJewelryMeadow Blue Green Aurora Borealis Petite Vintage Brooch - SpruceCove
Vintage Coro Turquoise Bead Red Rhinestone Brooch - GrandVintageFinery Vintage pretty watch ring rhinestone flowers gold tone running - maggiescornerstore Vintage Ornate Gold Tone Floral Pendant - TwiceBakedVintage Vintage Signed Austria Floral Rhinestone Earrings - vintagepaige

Treasury tool by StylishHome.