Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bohemian Vibe! Facebook Challenge

Bohemian Vibe! Facebook Challenge

 Bohemian Vibe! is a facebook group that B'Sue Boutiques and Christi Friesen started up after a polymer clay workshop retreat in May of 2014. We had a big class of 30 people, from all over the country, that showed up at the retreat. Those that attended had a blast!

The group has challenges every month and sometimes you're lucky enough to win a prize. I was lucky enough to win something last month.
This prize package was a combination of items from B'Sue Boutiques and CF Originals.

 Christi Friesen posted a great pdf at the facebook group for the secret garden necklace and I'm enjoying all the different versions of what everyone comes up with. This is my entry for the necklace and I'm going to make some earrings for it too. Stay tuned for my next blog post which will show pictures of the steps I took to make this.

Every month we have a new challenge.  Be sure and come over to the Bohemian Vibe! group on Facebook and join us! 

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  1. Love your blog, Debbie!! Your Secret Garden necklace is wonderful!!